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Theme of Journal : Disaster Psychology Edition : XXI (April, 12th 2015)

1.       Journal Identity
Title       : The word: Disaster psychology
Author   : Anonymous
Location : London
Volume : 176
Issue :    2368
Pages     : 49
Publication : Nov 2002
Country of publication: United Kingdom
ISSN      : 02624079
ProQuest document ID: 200408566
Copyright : Copyright Reed Business Information UK Nov 9, 2002

All people now face the kind of psychological trauma that was once wrought only by the worst natural calamities. Research into disaster psychology is growing fast. Last month the National Center on Disaster Psychology and Terrorism was set up in Palo Alto CA

2.      Journal Identity
Title              : Using Schlossberg's Transition Model in Response to Natural Disaster for People with DisabilitiesAuthor: Landau, Jacqueline; Meirovich, Gavriel
Volume       : 39
Issue            : 3
Pages           : 40-47
Number of pages : 8
Publication : 2008
Publisher   : Jordan Whitney Enterprises, Inc
Place of publication: Manassas
ISSN          : 00472220
ProQuest document ID: 216474492
Copyright   : Copyright National Rehabilitation Counseling Association Fall 2008

Natural disasters produce unequal outcomes for individuals with disabilities. In addition to dealing with the effects of disasters that everyone must confront, the presence of a disability exacerbates recovery. This article presents information on the effects of natural disasters on people with disabilities, Schlossberg's Model as a framework for recovery, strategies for recovery, and implications for counseling. The intent of this article is to help counselors assist their clients to develop disaster resilience.

3.      Journal Identity
Title              : The American Red Cross disaster mental health services: Development of a cooperative, single function, multidisciplinary service model
Volume         : 27
Issue             : 3
Pages            : 314-320
Publication   : Aug 2000
Publisher      : Springer Science & Business Media
Place of publication: New York
ISSN            : 10943412
ProQuest document ID: 205220345
Copyright     : Copyright Sage Publications, Inc. Aug 2000

A study reviews the development of the Red Cross' systematic and organized plan for attending to the mental health needs of disaster survivors, and describes one local chapter's early experience as part of this effort.

4.      Journal Identity
Title          : Disaster Pscychology: Dispelling the Myths of Panic
Author      : Gantt, Paul; Gantt, Ron
Volume    : 57
Issue         : 8
Pages        : 42-49
Number of pages : 8
Publication : Aug 2012
Publisher  : American Society of Safety Engineers
Place of publication : Des Plaines
ISSN        : 00990027
ProQuest document ID: 1118399459
Copyright: Copyright American Society of Safety Engineers Aug 2012

The role of a safety professional within an organization is to protect employees from workplace hazards and to minimize risks in all situations. In that capacity, much of a safety professional's time is spent assessing the hazards of employees' normal work functions. Psychological concepts have even been brought to bear on the complex question of how to influence human behavior to minimize incidents. Behavior-based safety and similar psychology-based programs are implemented to understand and manipulate employee behavior. The underlying concept in many of these situations is that safety programs based on employees' natural tendencies are more likely to succeed. sum an approach. Recent research and thinking related to disaster scenarios highlights the first disaster myth to be discussed -- the myth of the "natural" disaster. Human responses during disasters are rarely consistent with responses expected by the public and media. A careful review of social science and disaster research yields a different picture.

5.      Journal Identity
Title              : History Repeating: Disaster-Related Intercountry Adoption and the Psychosocial Care of Children
Author         : Fronek, Patricia; Cuthbert, Denise
Volume       : 11
Issue            :3
Pages           : 429-442
Number of pages : 14
Publication years : Jul 2012
Publisher    : Cambridge University PressISSN : 1942-2504
Proquest document ID : 1015640967
ISSN           : 14747464
Copyright    : Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2012


Disasters are prevalent with devastating effects on vulnerable populations that include the elderly, disabled, women and children. Historical responses to vulnerable children and families post-disaster raise questions concerning further harms to children rescued by adoption in the aftermath of devastation. This article offers critical and historical perspectives on child removal for adoption in the context of disaster and the psychosocial care of children affected by disaster. It brings into question whether removal, especially permanent removal for adoption, is in their interests. This article concludes that efforts are needed by the international community to ensure that past abuses do not recur. 

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