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Theme of Journal : Forensic Psychology Edition : XXII (April, 19th 2015)

1.       Journal Identity

Title        : New developments in forensic psychology

Author    : David, Suzanne; Kleiner, Brian H
Volume   : 43
Issue :     : 1/2
Pages      : 44 – 49
Publication : 2001
Country of publication: United Kingdom
ISSN      : 03090558
ProQuest document ID: 196364565
Copyright : Copyright Barmarick Press 2001

There are many new applications in forensic psychiatry/psychology. By understanding the idiosyncrasies and behaviors of various personalities society can be forewarned as to the potentially troublesome behavior. Stalking behavior encompasses an individual's thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can result in a pattern of repeated, unwanted intrusions or communications with another person. Extreme mutilation, especially that which is centered around the genitalia is typically considered to be a sadistic homicide by the police. However, the medical examiner may draw a different conclusion. In the case of capital punishment, the criminal justice system has determined that for the person to be executed they must not only understand the impending execution but must also know the reason for it.

2.      Journal Identity
Title               : The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives
Author           : Grant Jewell Rich
Volume        : 48
Issue            : 3
Pages           : 338
Publication : Jul 1999
Country of publication: United States
ISSN          : 01976664
ProQuest document ID: 213935090
Copyright   : Copyright National Council on Family Relations Jul 1999

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3.      Journal Identity
Title               : The Quality of Forensic Psychological Assessment, Reports, and Testimony: Acknowledging the Gap between Promise and Practice
Author       : Robert A. Nicholson and Steve Norwood
Volume          : 24
Issue              : 1
Pages            : 9
Publication   : Feb 2000
ISSN             : -
ProQuest document ID: -
Copyright      : -

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4.      Journal Identity
Title             : Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology; New forensic psychiatry and psychology study results reported from University of Edinburgh
Author       : Anonymous
Volume     : 21
Issue         : 5                  
Pages        : 789 – 800
Publication : Nov 2010
Country of publication : United States
ISSN        : -
ProQuest document ID: 795842438
Copyright: (c)Copyright 2010, Ecology, Environment & Conservation via NewsRx.com DocumentURL: http://search.proquest.com/docview/795842438?accountid=34643    

Scotland, Conservation, Ecological, Ecology, Environment, Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, Hospital, Mental Health, Psychiatric, Psychiatry, Psychology This article was prepared by Ecology, Environment & Conservation editors from staff and other reports.

5.      Journal Identity
Title               : Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Issues and Controversies in Crime and Justice
Author           : Englander, Elizabeth K
Volume         : 41
Issue             : 3
Pages            : 289 – 292
Publication years : 2004
ISSN : -
Proquest document ID : -
Copyright    : -

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