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Theme of Journal : Bipolar Edition : XXV (May, 10th 2015)

1.      Journal Identity
Title          : Surviving Manic Depression: A Manual on Bipolar Disorder for Patients,  Families and Providers
Author      : Hughes, Mary Ann
Volume    : 127
Issue         : 1
Pages        : 131
Publication : Jan 2002
Country of Publication : United States
ISSN         : 03630277
Copyright : Copyright Cahners Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc. Jan 2002
ProQuest document ID : 196836243

            This article has no abstract.

2.      Journal Identity
Title            : Bipolar Disorder Demystified: Mastering the Tightrope of Manic Depression
Author         : Farris, Dale
Volume       : 128
Issue            : 6
Pages           : 116
Publication    : Apr 2003
Country of publication: United States
ISSN          : 03630277
Copyright  : Copyright Cahners Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc. Apr 1, 2003
ProQuest document ID: 196840988

This article has no abstract.

3.      Journal Identity
Title            : Surviving manic depression; a manual on bipolar disorder for patients, families, and providers
Author      : Torrey, E. Fuller and Michael B. Knable
Volume    : 26
Issue         : 3
Publication : Sep 2002
Country of publication: United States
ISSN        : 01966006
Copyright : Copyright Book News, Inc. Sep 2002
ProQuest document ID: 200086356

This article has no abstract.

4.      Journal Identity
Title              : Bipolar disorder-focus on bipolar II disorder and mixed depression
Author          : Benazzi, Franco
Volume        : 369
Issue             : 9565
Pages            : 935-945
Publication   : Mar 2007
Country of publication: United States
ISSN            : 01406736
Copyright     : Copyright Elsevier Limited Mar 17-Mar 23, 2007
ProQuest document ID: 199073037

Bipolar II disorder (recurrent depressive and hypomanic episodes) and related disorders (united in the bipolar spectrum) are understudied, despite a prevalence of about 5% in the community and about 50% in depressed outpatients. The apparent increase in prevalence of the bipolar spectrum is related to several changes in diagnostic criteria, including improved probing for history of hypomania (focused more on overactivity than on mood change), lower minimum duration of hypomania, and inclusion of unipolar depressions with bipolar signs (eg, family history of bipolar disorder, mixed depression). Prevalence of mixed depression, a combination of depression and manic or hypomanic symptoms, is high in patients with bipolar disorders. Controlled studies are needed to investigate treatment of mixed depression; antidepressants can worsen manic and hypomanic symptoms, and mood stabilising agents might be necessary.

5. Journal Identity
Title            : In the lab: Manic-depression researchers shake family trees
Author        : Miller, Michael W
Volume       : -
Issue           : -
Publication : Nov 1993
ISSN          : 00999660
ProQuest document ID: 398384921
Copyright   : Copyright Dow Jones & Company Inc Nov 24, 1993

The growing research into the apparent genetic aspects of manic depression is discussed.
One of the most intensive hunts for clues about the disease's genetic characteristics is being conducted by Johns Hopkins Hospital, although the research has been slowed by difficulties in finding families that have one disease-free side.

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