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Theme of Journal : Pornography Edition : XXVIII (May 31, 2015)

1.      Journal Identity
Title       : Health education's role in framing pornography as a public health issue: local and    national strategies with international implications
Volume : 15
Issue      : 1
Pages     : 11 - 18
Publication : 2008
ISSN     : 10253823
Copyright : Copyright International Union for Health Promotion and Education 2008

Pornography is a public health issue. However, since the US Surgeon General's workshop on pornography and public health reached a consensus statement about the impacts of pornography in 1986, few policy actions have been taken to deal with this public health problem, and intense discussion surrounding the regulation of pornography has continued. This debate spans a continuum between individual rights on one extreme and complete restriction of such material for society's good on the other extreme. However, during this same period much research has been done on the impacts of pornography on children and adults. This paper focuses on reviewing the effects of pornography on society including women, children, and consumers, and includes discussion on the current and failed policies aimed at regulating pornography. The growing phenomenon of Internet pornography use is discussed in depth, and specific policy ideas pertaining to Internet pornography are presented from a public health perspective

2.    Journal Identity
Title          : Shifting the paradigm in child pornography criminalization: United States v  Maxwell
Author      : Fears, Chad R
Volume    : 1998
Issue         : 2
Pages        : 835-874
Publication : 1998
ISSN        : 0360151X
Copyright :  Copyright Brigham Young University, Reuben Clark Law School 1998

To the vast majority of Americans, child pornography is a noxious evil. This view has bipartisan support among legislators who continually tighten child pornography laws in an effort to eradicate these materials from society. In contrast, the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Services recently decided a case that broadened the "mens rea" requirement in child pornography crimes. This case, United States v. Maxwell (1996), shifted an enlarged the "mens rea" or "scientor" element in child pornography crimes contained in USC Section 2252 by adding "belief" as an acceptable mens rea standard.

3Journal Identity
Title          : Attitudes and Use of Pornography in the Norwegian Population 2002
Volume    : 41
Issu           : 2
Publication : May 2004
ISSN        : 00224499
Copyright :  Copyright Society for the Scientific Study of Sex May 2004

The purpose of this study was to describe and analyze use of pornographic material in a representative sample of adult Norwegians. The data collection was carried out by means of a standardized questionnaire administered via personal telephone interviews. Among the 90% of participants who reported ever having examined pornography, 76% reported examining a pornographic magazine, 67% had watched a pornographic film, and 24% had examined pornography on the Internet. Significant gender differences emerged in the reporting. The percentage of men and women who reported frequent use of pornography was small We identified three dimensions of attitudes toward pornography: pornography as a means of sexual enhancement, pornography as a moral issue, and social climate. These attitude dimensions were included in path models as intermediating variables between demographic variables (age, gender, and level of education) and frequency of reading or watching pornographic materials. These models explained 36% of the variance in frequency of watching pornographic films, 35% of the variance in frequency of reading pornographic magazines, and 21% of the variance in frequency of watching pornography on the Internet

4.    Journal Identity
Title          : Pornography: Women, Violence, and Civil Liberties. A Radical View / Dirty Looks: Women, Pornography, PowerAuthor      : Brigman, Bill
Publication : 1995
Title          : Virtual child pornography: The eroticization of inequality
Author      : Levy, Neil
Volume    : 29
Issu           : 2
Page         : 260
ISSN        : 00223840
Copyright :  Copyright Popular Culture Association Fall 1995

This article has no abstract.

5.    Journal Identity
Volume    : 4
Issu           : 4
Pages        : 319
Publication : 2002
ISSN        : 13881957
Copyright :  Copyright Kluwer Academic Publishers 2002

The United States Supreme Court has recently ruled that virtual child pornography is protected free speech, partly on the grounds that virtual pornography does not harm actual children. I review the evidence for the contention that virtual pornography might harm children, and find that it is, at best, inconclusive. Saying that virtual child pornography does not harm actual children is not to say that it is completely harmless, however. Child pornography, actual or virtual, necessarily eroticizes inequality; in a sexist society it therefore contributes to the subordination of 

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